I am in Love

My whole life, I have considered myself a baker, until now. I have loved baking my whole life – I think this is because my Mom never baked, so the only way to get home made chocolate chip cookies was to make them myself. I baked throughout high school, baked cakes, cookies, brownies, muddy buddies chex mix was my signature ‘Happy Birthday’ gift. Plus I had the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever, like EVER. The thing is, I have graduated high school, and college, and there was a day a few months ago when I realized I am in fact, a grown up. And as a grown up, even though I have not a husband or childrens, I should act like one and start cooking.

I think it’s a valuable life skill – I mean, honestly, it’s one activity that is both relaxing and rewarding. I am in love. I will post here hopefully regularly photos and recipes that I try, have tried, or love. I hope it will inspire you to cook too!


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