Mornings are my FAVORITE

I love the morning more than any other time in the day. In fact, I wish there were significantly more hours in the morning than there are right now. Anyways, as a result, getting up and making coffee or breakfast is one of my favorite things to do in life – yes, sad, but also, I don’t care. One of my favorite breakfast foods and foods in life in general is the egg mcmuffin from McDonalds. Honestly, I love that sandwich. I love it when I am sober, I love it when I am drunk. I wish they served it day long, but also I’m happy they don’t because I would purchase it at lunchtime and on my way home for dinner.

That said, I am quite health conscious these days, and though relatively that muffin isn’t too bad, I just feel like when and if I were to make it on my own I’d use less butter and less salt and thus it would be more ‘healthy’

2014-05-04 09.21.26


– Whole Wheat English Muffins – any brand, I think this is Trader Joe’s

– Eggs

– Sausage – now you can either make your own which is even better, or you buy the pre-packaged stuff which is not better. If you buy the make your own type, please season with salt and pepper that is all you will need

– SHARP Cheddar Cheese – because why do they even make ‘mild’?

– Small Bowl for egg – I just use a plastic cup and it cooks perfect


– Place egg in cup and season with salt and pepper

– Place cup in microwave and microwave for about 50 seconds – if you want the egg more cooked, cook longer, less cooked, cook less, you get it

– Place english muffin in toaster and toast it, apply butter on either or both sides depending on what you feel like

– Place slice of cheddar on one side of muffin – place cooked egg on top of cheese (so it melts)

– Place sausage on top (you can also make this sans sausage)

– Cover and enjoy and go back to sleep


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