Let me start off by saying I love everything about Paris and Gossip Girl. I wish my life was that summer that Blair and Serena went to Paris and all Blair did was shop haute couture, eat macarons at Laduree, and go to museums and lose shoes and fall in love with a prince. And then it’s a commercial break. But never fear, I am still young and I still hope to one day make that happen – maybe not the prince part but at least eating macarons in Paris.

Anywho, since I can’t have that, I will have the next best thing. Macaroons. Did you know Macarons and Macaroons are two different things? Yes they are. Macarons are what blair was eating, Macaroons are what I eat because Macarons seem like a lot more work to make – who knows though maybe one day there will be a post about me making them. Until then, macaroons for breakfast, macaroons as a snack, macaroons as dinner. Why? Because macaroons are two parts awesome – dark chocolate and coconut.

Ina Garten is the person that I would hire as my personal chef. I think all her recipes are amazing, I think she’s an awesome host, and I think I would get along with her.

Her recipe is the one that I followed – but still for some reason my macaroons sort of spread out – I’m not sure why. I think it’s got something to do with the whisking of the egg. You’ll see that my hand mixer is G H E T T O. Ghetto. I can’t find the other attachment so there’s only one whisk. Ha. I’m sure it’s here somewhere, but I couldn’t find it and I couldn’t wait for macaroons. So here we are.

Ina Garten’s Coconut Macaroons PLUS DARK CHOCOLATE


– 2 large egg whites

– 1 package shredded sweetened coconut

– 1 can condensed milk

– 1 tbsp vanilla

– 1/4 tsp salt

– Dark Chocolate morsels (I used Ghiradelli because I am so fancy)

– Hand Blender (preferably with two whisk attachments and not one)


– Preheat oven to 325 degrees

– Mix milk coconut and vanilla in bowl – set on side

– In separate bowl whisk egg whites until two firm peaks form (or one if you’re ghetto like me and only have one whisk attachment – I will never stop reminding everyone about this)

– Fold eggs into coconut milk mixture

– Place on parchment paper (or foil but make sure you oil the foli)

– Bake for 25-30 minutes

– Let cool (very important, LET COOL)

– Microwave that chocolate for a minute or so – until it’s mixable and creamy

– Take each macaroon and dip in chocolate – let sit upside down on foil until chocolate has hardened

– Send them to loved ones, send them to your stomach, it’s a win win situation

IMG_8574 IMG_8575

IMG_8391 IMG_8392



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