Lemon Tarts

So, my mom was visiting me, and I obviously had to show my love for her through food, but also I really needed to use my pretty Crate and Barrel Quiche Dish again (because I am so fancy now and own a real Quiche Dish) Anywho – she loves lemon bars, and while they are good, they’re really eggy. I have an aversion to egginess I think because my aunt has an aversion to egginess – I don’t know how it was passed down but it was. We both like eggs but we can’t do them in desserts if we can smell/taste them. Soooo, as a result to please everyone I found a very good alternative – a no bake lemon tart recipe! I did a little bit of adjusting with this because I was on pinterest and of course wanted to combine multiple things (because I wanted to take multiple photos) The basic recipe is from Letsdishrecipes.com

IMG_9133 IMG_9134



For Crust

1 cup graham cracker crumbs – go ahead and use whatever you like here, I used oatmeal biscuits instead

3 tbs granulated sugar – I didn’t use this because the cookies I used were already sweetened

5 tbsp butter – who are we kidding, everyone is on a diet so I only used like 2 tbs

For the Lemon Filling

8oz softened cream cheese – word to the wise make sure it’s softened

1 cup prepared lemon curd – you can find this next to the jams and jellies

1 tbs lemon juice

1 tbs lemon zest

1 cup heavy cream

2 tbs granulated sugar (didn’t put sugar in because I felt it was going to be sweet enough – plus we don’t like our deserts tooo sweet – and I planned on putting fruit on top)


– Preheat oven to 350

– In a bowl mix graham crumbs, butter and sugar – place in pie/quiche dish and bake for 8 minutes

– To make filling beat cream cheese and lemon curd with mixer on high speed – add in heavy cream and sugar and beat on high again

– Once pie crust is COMPLETELY COOL put the lemon mixture on top – refrigerate 4 hours – I refrigerated overnight

– For decor I added fresh strawberries and raspberries (topped with mint)



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