Spaghetti Squashin

Sometimes, you just have to trick your body into eating fake carbs right? Spaghetti squash really is a great way to do it. You’ll know because you’ve cooked it, but it’s really not so bad. Plus you can just stuff yourself and not feel guilty.

So, you can adapt this recipe based on your preferences, for vegetarians just take the meat out – or you can sub in fake meat since you’re already going to have fake carbs. Also if you don’t like cheese you can opt out, why, I don’t know, cheese is just protein. That’s what I tell myself.

For the Sauce

1 can of crushed tomatoes or marinara sauce

1 pack of trader joes’ garlic

1 onion chopped

1 lb turkey (you can take this out)

1 handful fresh basil


Brown the meat – add in the garlic and onion until cooked

Pour in the marinara sauce or crushed tomato (if you used crushed tomato season with salt and pepper)

Add in fresh basil and let simmer for at least 15-20 minutes (this is when the magic happens)

For the Squash

Cut a spaghetti squash in half (kinda hard to do and you will end up with one side bigger than the other if you are a perfectionist like me

Drizzle some olive oil and salt on top – face upside down on baking sheet

Bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes

Take the squash out – and string out the flesh (so it looks like spaghetti

Take some of your sauce and pour it into the squash, top off with some cheese/basil/crushed red pepper

Stick back into a BROILING oven till you see it bubbling (you gotta watch it on your own I don’t have a definitive time for this)


IMG_1450 IMG_1452 IMG_1453 IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1457

IMG_1514 IMG_1515 IMG_1519 IMG_1520


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