Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Sauce

Why not right?

I do not have a proper Julien peeler/slicer so this is legit hand-made pasta. So. Good. And, most importantly so incredibly simple, like PAINFULLY simple.

This is such a good option for lunch – I think because of the avocado it really really fills you up, so delicious.



3-4 Ripe avocados

Bunch of Cilantro

1 Package Trader Joe’s Garlic crushed

1/3 cup Greek Yogurt


Cajun Seasoning

Lime or Lemon based on your preference

1/2 Jalapeno diced up


Cut the zucchini into strips (or use the peeler)

Boil in water – once boiled drain and add in some salt – let sit

Blend avocados, cilantro, garlic, salt, jalapeno, cajun, and greek yogurt

Mix and Enjoy!

(I added in some chicken as protein – you don’t have to do this if you don’t want – still as delicious)

IMG_2024 IMG_2027



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