Italiayay 2015

I’ve been doing research about this trip for YEARS. And, while I was mostly inspired to go because of Pinterest, and various movies, the real reason was food. JK the real reason was wine, it’s always wine.

But, food is a verrrry close second.

So needless to say when this year after I booked my ticket (w/travel insurance based off of last time’s experience) and after I booked the AirBNBs, and after I bought my Turkish Visa (this is an Italy + Istanbul trip) I set out on the most important research of all. Where and what was I going to eat?

I started where everyone starts – with a list. A list of things that I must eat while in Italy and Istanbul. So basically the next few posts are just going to be about me getting through this ridiculous list. ENJOY.

Wine, Prosecco,Lemoncello all – the best part about vacation is not having to drive

Pizzaah – and no, not all pizzas are created equally (Margarita and Bianca)

Panini – i have a feeling these won’t be like the ones chachi makes at home, but still, it must be had

Cacio e Pepe – Anthony Bourdain sad so, so it shall be

Truffles in and on everything – hello, no explanation needed

Fettucini Tagliatelle, Ravioli, Gnocchi – any and all pastas because they don’t have barilla (or maybe they do I don’t know)

Tiramisu – definitely on my list of top 5 all time favorite desserts

Gelato – when in rome..



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