Ever since I started drinking wine, Montepulciano has been at the top of my list of places to visit – since their wine is just that good.

Our first meal in Montepulciano was lunch, we went to a little bar type place called E Lucevan La Stelle. Here I ordered a traditional Italian dish called wine, haha jk I did order wine but the dish I ordered was pide – this is a flatbread sandwich that can be stuffed with anything and everything. Mine had tomatoes, mozzarella and basil and man, was it delicious. I could have eaten that the entire trip.

IMG_5497 IMG_5499


Dinner that night was a restaurant recommended to us by our B&B Hosts, Godimento Divino. I finally ordered something different, Tuscan Bean Soup. Because I was in Tuscany and what better opportunity. This soup was really good – it had soaked up bread underneath as a layer which was, different, but I didn’t hate it. We also ordered a tiramisu for the table – which wasn’t my favorite, but hey, you win some and you loose some.

IMG_5604 IMG_5606


The next day we ate breakfast at a little coffee shop in front of our B&B – and by breakfast I mean we had some coffee, which was great.



For lunch that day we ended up going back to the same place we had lunch at the day before. And as tempted as I was to get the pide again, I resisted and got asparagus filled tortellini with balsamic vinegar and pecorino.

Ah.Ma.Zing. So fresh – the pasta and the cheese, one of my favorite meals for sure.

IMG_5633 IMG_5634

Last meal in Montepulciano because we’re off to Florence!


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