Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a series of small five towns on the western coast of Italy, and they are unique in the sense that they’ve really tried to preserve the small town feel – they haven’t let the larger touristy companies come in and take over, so it has a very original feel.

Food here, presumably, is mostly seafood – because it’s so fresh. But I don’t eat fish so really I didn’t care about this 😐

For the day and a half that I was there I pretty much stuck to carbs – carbs for breakfast, carbs for lunch, carbs for dinner. For real. And honestly it was amazing.

The breakfast Pide was made with tomatoes and mozzerella, and slightly grilled, paired of course with a cafe latte.

IMG_5960 IMG_5962

LunchBox was one of those touristy recommendations – and it was totally worth it, look at the sign it says it all. We used their wifi for a good 40 minutes – just to eat one sandwich total. Thanks guys you’re the best!

IMG_6007 IMG_6009

For dinner we went to the magical al Castello restaurant – it’s quite a hike to get here, but the view was totally worth it. But also know that if there was an earthquake the restaurant would just fall into the water, maybe it would float and be a boat though? I dunno… Physics… So anyways back to dinner, we made a reservation earlier in the day – something that we’re happy we did since that night there was a wedding party that had half the restaurant. I ordered a pesto pasta because Cinque Terre is known for their pesto sauce and it was definitely good, but nothing on ZaZa’s pesto



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