The Last Stop

Well, last stop in Italy. Venice was a really really long train ride from Cinque Terre, so by the time we reached it was about 8pm and dark. So my first impression of the city was – Real Life Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m sorry to say that when I woke up in the morning it was NOTHING like that at all.

But anyways, dinner came to us as a recommendation from our Airbnb host – aka walking distance from the apartment. This was one of my favorite pasta dishes, it was truffle pasta but it was WHITE truffle, which is the only truffle as far as I’m concerned. Really delicious. We finished the meal off with a white tiramisu – so not with coffee but pineapple. Now I know what you’re thinking – um that’s not real. And that’s what my first thought was too, but the people at the table next to us said it was amazing, and. It was. I want some right now.


Venice ended up being the place where we all remembered we were spoiled Americans and really just needed American food. We indulged in a 20 Euro All American Breakfast, which probably wasn’t needed but hey, we were feeling patriotic. I don’t have photo evidence of this, but just think of the breakfast you get at Best Western. Lunch that day was yum – we got pizza and it had real pepperoni (pepperoni in Italy is not pepperoni in America) Bar Sport had a great menu but the pizza is really what stood out to us – so if you’re in Burano, go there and order pizza.

IMG_6111 IMG_6112

I can’t even lie, dinner was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice. Yup. Chicken Tenders and a Baja Hamburger. TOTALLY WORTH IT



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