A Memorial Day to remember

Because I was in Colombia, not America, hahaha. JK. That’s it though, this is my last trip this year, but what a glorious trip it was indeed. I do have to say that this year was the best year to go to Colombia because – DESPACITO. I am not sick of that song, still, just put it on and everyone starts dancing and the mood changes and things look up, you can do whatever you want! Colombia is not a place that was necessarily on my list, to be honest, but you know I’m so happy I went. The coffee, the music, the food, the whole experience was amazing. Cartagena was by far my favorite city that I visited – it was very much a beach town laid back vibe and reminded me a lot of Goa. Medellin was nice as well – the temperature there beat Cartagena for sure 🙂 And the nightlife was legit, good music, and good bars. Bogota, to be honest, didn’t care much for, it was nice, but if I had the option to go back again, I’d spend more time in Medellin instead and just skip Bogota all together. That said, I definitely got some #instagramable photos in Bogota.


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