Santa Barbara

We planned a little weekend getaway to Santa Barbara the other weekend – so much fun. First of all it’s only 1.5 hours away from LA which is incredible. We started out our weekend by obviously having a bottle of wine for lunch (there was pizza too) and then going to Nordstrom. To be clear we went to Nordstrom only because it was right across from the Salt Cave Spa that we were going to for massages. Salt Cave Spa is a little misleading in that your actual massage is in a room – not the salt cave. The salt cave is mostly just a place to go in after your massage and meditate, or sleep.

Anywho after the spa we went back to the hotel and got ready to go to dinner at Zeytoon, a Mediterranean restaurant with a lively atmosphere, the food there was incredible, definitely a must try for anyone visiting. On Saturday morning we went for a nice little bike ride around town and then for lunch went off to the Four Seasons Hotel – A must go if you’re there. It’s beautiful. You’re welcome.



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